Word War One by Midgard Entertainment, Inc. is a fast-paced word puzzle and block matching hybrid designed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

  • Use your wits to find the hidden match words in increasingly more difficult levels as you race against the clock!
  • Uncover intersecting words to trigger Combat Mode!
  • Swipe your screen in the direction you want your blocks to slide. Sliding similar colored blocks together causes cascading rounds of destruction!
  • Chain combat rounds together to unlock combos and increase your score!

Word War One is tightly integrated into OpenFeint, the premier achievement and social gaming network for the iPhone!

  • Keep track of your high scores in leader-boards for every group of levels.
  • Unlock achievements and score OpenFeint points for combos and challenging words!

Title Screen for Word War One Matching words in Word War One Combat Mode in Word War One Leader-boards for Word War One Achievements screen for Word War One


The object of Word War One is to complete as many levels of combat as possible to win the great War of Words!

Simply highlight a candidate word by dragging your fingers across.

Points are awarded for each letter in the word.

You must trigger Combat Mode before your timer runs out!

Combat Mode

Intersecting words trigger Combat Mode!

In Combat Mode all letters disappear leaving just the colored blocks.

Swipe your screen in the direction you want blocks to slide.

Blocks of equal color will cause a chain reaction of destruction, gaining you more and more points!

Combat Mode is over when no more blocks can be destroyed.