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We are pleased to announce that Word War One is now available on the iTunes App Store. Learn more here.

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Announcing Word War One

Get ready for a fast-paced word puzzle and block matching hybrid! Word War One is the ULTIMATE word puzzle game! This innovative puzzler is the first game to combine the brain teasing of word puzzles with the simple and pleasing fun of color matching arcade puzzles.

In each of the over 100 levels of Word War One you’ll race against the clock to uncover the hidden words in the puzzle play field. Uncovering intersecting words unlocks Combat Mode! Skilled players will learn how to maximize their points and score multipliers by strategically picking words while keeping an eye on the ticking countdown! Combat Mode lets you rack up points and combos by destroying matching blocks. Swipe the screen in the direction the blocks should slide to make them collide and unleash cascading waves of destruction.

Play just for the fun of advancing rapidly through the many levels of play, or carefully strategize to maximize your multipliers and combos to gain the highest rankings possible! Word War One can be played any way you want. Casual fun or serious strategy, this game is simple to pick up and learn but deviously hard to master!


  • Over 100 levels of game play!
  • Constantly changing word choices give you a unique and changing game experience every time you play.
  • Multi-touch lets you swipe your finger to select words or use two fingers to select a whole word at a time.
  • Swipe gestures let you slide blocks around in Combat Mode.
  • Professionally produced background music and sound effects bring you into the action!
  • Helpful hints prompt you through the game’s modes when you start out.
  • Bright, colorful graphics make game play a pleasing and enjoyable experience.
  • Every ten levels increases the size of the play field, making the game progressively more challenging. Simple to start with, but a devil to finish – you’ll be working hard to place high on the upper leader-boards!
  • Background music can be substituted with your already playing iPod playlist or turned off altogether.
  • Sound effects can be muted independently.
  • Your game progress is saved when quitting and restored when re-entering the app so you never lose your progress.
  • OpenFeint integration gives you ten unique leader-boards so you can compare yourself against other players.
  • Achievements let you earn OpenFeint points and enhance your ranking among other players.
  • OpenFeint gives you access to your friends to chat and compare scores and achievements.
  • Help screens give you access to all the information you need to learn how to play.


Title Screen for Word War One Matching words in Word War One Combat Mode in Word War One Leader-boards for Word War One Achievements screen for Word War One

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